Friday, December 9, 2011

Role of a Leeader

1. Be committed to the holiday club from beginning to end without any interruptions. Cancel all prior appointments.
2. Attend the full training weekend and all the pre-club meetings.
3. Be allocated to a specific children's age group and be repsonsible for leading a daily discussion group and other activities with that age group.
4. Participate in overall planning and preparation for that age group, meeting with that section leaders daily.
5. Participate in large group meetings wherever possible e.g. dramas, music, memory verses, etc.
6. Participate in the evening teen programme - discussion groups, music, programmme participation etc. As agreed.
7. Contribute towards the team living experience however possible, e.g. Kitchen, equipment, banner painting, odd jobs.
8. Attend all team activities, from the early morning team TAG Times to the last-thingat-night team prayers.
9. Take special care of equipment and borrowed premises.
10. After the club, keep contact with certain children and teens as you feel God's leading.Write at least one letter to each.

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