Saturday, December 10, 2011

Being the Director

1. Set high standards - in all you do: punctuality, devotionally, your own dress, and contribution at camp.
2. Prepare thoroughly - don't sneak away during camp.
3. Know your team - make an effort to develop a friendship with every team member. Develop a discipler's attitude.
4. Concentrate on relationships above functions - it's one thing to get the job done, it's another to ruin people in the process.
5. Create atmosphere - of unity, fun, Christ centredness.
6. Communicate - your programme plan, your feelings, your frustrations your intentions. Nobody has the time to guess what's inside you.
7. Live ahead of your schedule - think ahead, be the first out of bed, the last to sleep, continually anticipate the next step.
8. Contend against loose ends - tidiness, lost equipment, unpunctuality, bunking, late nights, foolish behaviour - these are your enemies.
9. Constantly affirm and commend - others, concentrating on their strengths and good qualities, rather than on their weaknesses.
10. Be visible - be involved at all levels, be an example that all can see and follow.
11. Be firm - don't expect to be everybody's friend, and don't compromise your exepectations.
12. Care - for the kitchen staff and others who may feel like they are performing a thabkless task.
13. Meet daily - with all the general leaders for prayer, planning, and evaluation.
14. Represent SU - in the best possible way.
15. Always keep the well-being of the camper in mind - watch out particularly for over enthusiastic and unwise leaders. Remember that no-one has a clearer overall picture than the Camp Director.
16. Focus on quality - be willing to make some tough decisions for the sake of quality. Don't let time or other pressures make you drop your standards.
17. Set goals for yourself - at camp. Make your camp directorship experience a time for growth for yourself.
18. Be sure about your role - no-one finds it easy to follow a leader who is uncertain about him or herself.

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