Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Passing on the baton...

In a relay race we have to depend a lot on our team for overall performance. Right now I am in a space of handing over ministry to people around me and propel myself to start new ones.

I must say one of the biggest lessons I am learning this year is to be patient and wait. So now as I have my own doubts and fears I need to trust God to take us further into the future.

I have talented young leaders who are leading a lot of SU work in the North. We have put a team of younger leaders together who are now already planning Factreton/Kensington club 2012 and have had a few meetings already. So that is awesome!

We also have two teams working in four schools and our annual camp is coming up 2-4 th December 2011 in Fransch Hoek and we are trusting God for something special. Every week we go into the schools and build relationships. So at this camp we hope to go deeper and lead as many as we can into a committed relationship with Christ.

So as I pass on to others, I will not stop running and supporting them and encouraging them on to even expand what we have established. Yes! That's it. We will be joined in prayer and meet continually to finish strongly.

Thank you for supporting me and my family as we together pass on what has been given to us: Christ the Hope of Glory!

Sedrico and the Girls...

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