Tuesday, September 6, 2011

it's like bubbles...

Bursting in your mind! This was a response from a young leader who just completed our Good to Great first camp. This is a nine month program for young Christian leaders with a mentoring process. The aim is for their skills to be sharpen and to enable them to take their children and youth work to a higher level.

Working with young Christian leaders is what we do. Here on a daily basis we walk with them and together we experience God touching lives through assemblies, life skills and Christian Union groups.

This has been the story with my team. Actually the work has grown in the Factreton/Kensington area that we have two teams now working in four schools. This has been a good experience so far as they learn more about each other as they are challenged to plan and implement programs together.

Then our camp is coming up. Its been a challenge to get a campsite sorted. I am now convinced that we will do it 2-5 December as we will not have a problem in getting permission as it is the last weekend before the school ends and all exams would be over. Please pray with the directors and leaders as we plan a innovative program and trust God that even through teaching life skills that we can share the message of salvation. We want to see boys and girls accepting Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.

The bubbles can be things that needs answers: confused emotions, theological questions or ministry promptings...whatever the bubbles are we as SUWC want to assist in the bursting and birthing of God's plan for young children and youth!

Thank you for supporting myself and my family and for praying for us. If you want to start with contributing to this ministry please contact my Personal Support Co-Ordinator on email tony@su.org.za or phone him on 021 686 8595.

Much respect,
Sedrico and the girls (Hazel, Sethe and Zacharie)

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