Tuesday, December 6, 2011

End of 2011: Camp Mxit: In the Mix!

Dear Supporters:

First of all a Huge Thank You for the month by month financial support you have been giving to me over the last year. I am grateful for this sacrificial giving. I know God will honor you and truly show up in spaces you trusting Him for.

Psalm 27:14 has been a real blessing to me as I led teams of young people this year reaching out with the Gospel on many missions, schools ministries and camps. The encouragement is to wait upon the Lord and be of GREAT COURAGE and then the Psalmist says again wait upon the Lord. Now, I am sometimes a very impulsive person and this verse has sustained me through difficult times. The fact is that no matter the challenges God always breaks through and reveal Himself in ways that have amazed me over and over again.

Hundreds of children was reached with the Word of God through Assemblies, Spiritual Programs and who could forget the amazing holiday clubs we ran! We also impacted a whole community in Karatara in the Southern Cape and my facebook wall and blog (www.chapmanspeak.blogspot.com) is full of pictures showing how we ate biltong soup, used a green worm toilet on a farm and slept in a Community Hall and so on…The amazing thing is the PROVISION, God really blessed us as we moved along and churches, organizations, individuals and even the leaders we worked with scratched deep into their pockets to make things happen. Makes me think of the Diesel Bakkie we had on the Karatara Mission and how on a strict budget it just ran and ran and made it back to Cape Town.

I will end this email/post with our last camp (Camp Mixit 2011) which just finished on Sunday (4 December 2011). We had 65 Grade 6’s learners on a camp in Karmel in the Mountain Pass in Fransch Hoek from four primary schools in the Factreton/Kensington area. They left in style: We had a InterCape kind of bus pick us up from one of the schools. The kids was amazed! They expected a Golden Arrow bus. I was amazed. I did not expect this! The Camp Manager organized the bus with a Christian Company called Eljosa Tours and Travel. So when you looking for fancy busses make sure you look them up. We spent three super days hiking, swimming in the Berg River and jumping over bricks as groups as team building activities. I had a great leadership team who led with passion and a determination to do things with excellence! The highlight of the camp was the Saturday night for me. Jeremy our Camp Director delivered a message on the Vine and Branches John 15:1 and challenged them to make a commitment to follow the Lord Jesus Christ. They then went into their small groups. An atmosphere of God’s Gentle Spirit filled the place. This is kids that can make a hell of a noise BUT that moment the Camp Hall was swept with a presence unbelievable as leaders led kids in their groups to the Lord and children seriously cried out to God in tears for love and acceptance. BUT GOD!
I hope my small little testimonies is inspiring you to continue plowing into God’s Kingdom and as many children find the Lord through Scripture Union Ministry we will be assured of the fact explained in Psalm 22 that we minister to this generation and they will minister to a generation yet to be born. This is the power of children’s ministry!

Have a blessed Christmas and once again thank you for investing in me and my girls and the many young people I am mentoring to follow the calling God has placed in their souls.

Sedrico, Hazel, Sethe Zion and Zacharie Alexa.

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