Friday, August 19, 2011

Life Skills Camp 2011!

Some Pictures of the camp Last year...

Getting 97 people to camp!
(Four schools in Factreton: WD Hendricks Primary, Factreton Primary, Wingfield Primary and Windermere Primary)

The journey started last year when we started doing life skills with the grade 6's and took them through a 10 module course. We learn together about important issues from self esteem, family relationships and how to be good citizens in our communities.

The build up for this is that we would continue with these learners the following year in grade 7. This is when we would then have a spiritual program with them. We have now build relationships with them and can now share the Gospel.

The system is now working well and we have included another school into this process: Windermere Primary. The next phase we are working towards is to have a Christian Union Group started at the two high schools in the area where most of these learners would then be in grade 8.

Our Annual Life Skills Camp with the grade 6's is a vital link in this process. Last year we had funding for this camp but this year the funding has not come through. From the start of this project last year we have asked every learner to contribute. This year all the learners are required to contribute R60 and ven the 12 leaders will be contributing R100 each. Together they will contribute R4800.

The reason for this note/post is to get 40 people to assist in sponsoring R650 each so that we can get these learners on a camp end October 2011 (28-30th).
We are also using this camp to impact 20 children from a very impoverish area called Karatara on the South Cape. We did a holiday club this last July in this community and an experience for them to see the City of Cape Town and learn about their peers from the City is going to be great! Our learners will also learn about other needs.

Will you partner with us and contribute R650 so that we can reach 80 young teens not only with valuable life skills lessons but also introducing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to them?

Please email me on or make a donation via EFT to Scripture Union Western Cape, Standard Bank, Rondebosch, Account Number: 071401253, branch code: 025009 or to our Reception 14 Park Road Rondebosch. Please do use reference: Factreton Life Skills Camp/Your Name.

Much Respect,
Sedrico Husselman
021-689 8331 office
082 071 8598 mobile

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