Friday, August 5, 2011

Your turn will come, I know it will...

Just last night I did something I need to do more often. Taking my wife out on a date night. I don't know if I do it for her sake or more for me. Cause when we hit the cinema seat I immediately give a sigh of relief. This time the sigh was so loud she asked me what was that for. Just my expression of: now I can just breath and be for like a hour with no disturbance.

The thing about watching a movie is that one liners jump out at you. In this movie Bride maides the cop guy says to the searching lady that her turn is coming. This made me think and especially with some of the decisions I am busy making. The reality for me is at this stage in my life is that I need to stay consistent in my work and provide sustainability for my family.

SU has gone through a lot of changes these last few weeks. People were retrenched and even a SU Regional office was closed down. We had our Regional Director who resigned and two of our staff retrenched. So it was challenging but: God knows what we need!

We now have two returning past RD's coming back to lead our Region. Ron Clark and Peter Holgate. Both guys come with very long SU histories and I can definately learn from both of them.
If you scroll down to my two previous post you will read on the amazing holiday clubs I had the priviledge to Co-Ordinate. I went with a group of 14 leaders to a little community 21 K''s outside of Sedgefield on the Southern Cape. It was very rewarding to serve kids and their families who was so appreciating of everything. They said thank you for the pick up in the morning to the songs, memory verses, drama's and the love the leaders showed to the kids.

Some of the leaders came out as very gifted and I can see God taking them to a whole new level. Many churches were impacted and kids lead to their first commitment to Christ.

That's it! The ultimate aim: introducing young boys and girls to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

For the second half of the year I have split my team into two and we are now doing ministry days at four primary schools in Factreton. We start the day with an assembly, then a spiritual program with the grade 7's and then life skills with the grade 6's. Please pray for us as we are trusting God to plant seeds that will lead to growing Christian lives for His Kingdom.

A BIG request: we are needing to get people to sponsor kids to go to a camp in October. This is for the life skills learners in grade 6 BUT we also bringing 20 kids from Karatara on the South Cape as a follow up to the holiday club we did. Two young men from that community stood out as future leaders, so we want to bring them down as well.

It will cost us 260 rand per camper and we having 97 campers. This is only for the accommodation and food. We will ask all the campers to contribute towards the transport. So the total we need is 25 220 rand. So I am thinking if I can get 40 people to sponsor 650 rand this would help me reach the goal and get 80 kids experience an experience of a life time!

To contribute to this project You can do an EFT to Scripture Union Western Cape and use reference: Factreton life skills camp.

If you supporting me and my family to continue doing this ministry: I want to thank YOU so much! If you not supporting me yet and would love to: please contact my Personal Support Co-Ordinator Tony on or on 021-686 8598.

Through this ministry we assist in the creation of that turn that come for people who are touched through our labour of love...Your turn will come, I know it will...Peace Sedrico and the girls.

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  1. I'm reading this as I look at God's beauty at Chapman's Peak. We serve a truly awesome and an extremely creative God.

    Thank you for your thoughts that you share here, it has certainly lifted my spirit. I pray God's blessing upon your ministry and upon your family life. I hope you had more date nights with your wife.

    Be blessed, continue the amazing work that God is doing through you and please let me know if there is anything I can do. Blessings Sedrico.