Sunday, July 10, 2011

Trompie en die bliksembende!

Going back to an earlier time frame. Man! We are really on Time Travel holiday club. Currently I am sitting on a huge log over looking a diary farm! Cows moooing and even escaping the morning sun in da shade of a tree. We slept in a little farm house with a really GREEN toilet Worm bucket! You do ur business wipe then cover 'it' with grass! Ai the worms are eating lekker! Then the rush shower minute! A pump needs to be turned on and then a generator switched on for warm water dripping the soap of ur back!

My promo team is soaking up the morning sun on the logs in the garden of the farm house. We have a promo @ a Anglican Church in about a few minutes. All our songs is gonna be noot vir noot style...

Day 1 done this is the start of day 2.

Sedrico Husselman.

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