Thursday, July 14, 2011

Soup with biltong in!

Soup with biltong in...
What a day! Started a bit quiet. In fact since we have been here in Karatara near Sedgefield on the South Cape the loudest sound I have heard is dogs barking!

This is a place where a child is a child in many respects. They play with akkedisse and verkleermannetjies and the give each other lifts on bicycles. Kids love walking down the streets in complete safety! I'm shouting I wanna raise my daughters here!

But and there is always a but these kids live in abject poverty! A child prayed today when she committed her life to Jesus that she only wish to have food tonight at home. Another prayed for her parents she have never seen. She prayed for that dad that God bless him in his work wherever he is.

I was in tears and this is a childs heart... To bless someone with a prayer she has never seen who is suppose to provide for her but.....

Yep now as I walk through these streets where chickens cross the road and everyone raises their hands to greet as you walk by...I trust God that me and my team will take the last 5 hours tomorrow and win the lost at all cost and give it our best shot eva!

Sedrico Husselman.

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