Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wimbledon 2011 vs Holiday Club 2011!

Game Set and Match! I love June/July holidays cause it is winter and the grass is green and its time for the worlds top tennis players to play the best tennis on the planet! WHAT is more exciting for me is that it is Holiday Club time! Underpriveledge kids get a chance to be kids and bond with leaders. Young people who give up their school and varsity holidays to love children no matter what!

The game is set: we train the leaders to serve up without too many faults or double serves to reach youn boys and girls with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

The Match get won when kids give their lives to the Lord like today! We had a hectic time LET me SAY HECTIC cause in this section of grade 6 and 7 we had kids hitting and swearing @ each other! To day the third day it rained a few stayed at home and the ones who came meant business with the Lord!

I am now sitting in the hall with the small ones practising for parents evening tmrw! The sounds of kids singing and the smiles and gigles is so worth all the hard work putting all of this together!

Please pray with me as we lead this program for the team going down to St. Helena bay to work in a small fishing community called Stompneusbaai! Then I am taking a group of 15 down to George in the South Cape and we thank God for the souls comibg into His kingdom!

Much love from right here @ Factreton Holiday Club 2011!

Sedrico and da gang of 35 leaders!

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