Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kung Fu Panda!

It is youth day today. 16 June was an important day in the life of this new South Africa. Youth sacrificed energy and life so we can have freedom. Ai so much was given but the question should be asked How much was received?

Watching a movie with my youth group after a R20 breakfast at Spur proved to be a good idea to celebrate this day.

Kung Fu Panda was all about looking for inner peace. A ball @ the beginning of the movie was in the form of water as the master showed Panda what is inner peace. So striking that we need a master to show us how to live and grow so we can meet God and b in the centre of His will. Master Jeus is the beginning and the end and in Him and through Him is all things given. So is this how we get 'inner peace' ?

Then as the movie progress Panda almost @ the point of destruction by wolves and the powerful Peacock stands on a little Island. Close his eyes and search deep with in for a last bit of hope and strength! He finds the inner strength and start to catch the fiery balls from the fire and catch my point?

We need the inner peace from God to withstand the fiery balls of attack from the enemy! We need to move from a place of inner peace.

So as I prepare for Holiday Club season I pray for all the souls the children, youth and parents to have a radical touch of God and find inner peace!

The June/July Holiday Club schedule:
Training 24th-27 July 2011 Factreton Nazarene
1st Club WD Hendricks Factreton 27th-1st July 2011
2nd Club St.Helan Bay 2nd - 8th July 2011
3rd Club George/Sedgefield 9th-16th July 2011

Wow I am definately taking a week off after that! BUT pray that many boys and girls come to know a loving relationship with Jesus!

If you want to be a leader, Cook or support by giving vegtables, fruit or stationary...please contact me or 0820718598

Blessings and Kung Fu! For Jesus!
Inner peace

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