Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Being in His Kingdom

Byron, Zach in the Helmet and me in the background...!

Hi all my supporters and friends:

The last couple of months have been quite a hectic ride. Settling in to Scripture Union and getting connected to my new team. It is still a learning curve and knowing what exactly God want me to do here is always on my mind. So pray with me as I seek God's direction and not mine. I am reminded of that Scripture in the Bible: It is not by might not by power BUT by the Spirit says the Lord.

I have been blessed with a crazy team of young people. They fill my day with so much to think and dream about. Earlier on I gave each one of them a chance to tell you how they experiencing their journey. It is so crazy to think that in the next two or so months they will leave me again and then I have to ask God to send me more volunteers to mentor. I was so taken aback by my them when they said they needed me to spend more quality time with them. I am use to spending a lot of time with them planning and prioritising things to do and I completely MISSED OUT OPPORTUNITIES TO IMPACT THEIR SPIRITAUL LIVES. They were screaming out to me that they need this kind of support!

I quicly asked them WHAT KIND OF A LEADER DO THEY WANT ME TO BE. I think the best people to tell you that is abviously the people you leading. Not to be proud, make time for them other than just work and to talk straight to them if I have a challenge with them. WOW! I thought let me fast and pray because what they asking me is to be there for them spiritually and how can I do that if I am not spiritually tuned in. I do alot of studying of the Bible and Theology BUT I NEEDED TO SPEND MORE TIME PRAYING AND QUITE TIMING TO BE ALE TO GIVE SPIRITUALLY.

Please pray with me as I endeavor to serve these young people. Pray for Byron Stuurman, Jean Alexander, Cleodine Brown, Zach Castle and Marc Krastin.

We need your prayers for our life skills, Spiritual Programs and Practical Projects we doing at three schools in Factreton. I will keep you updated with these projects as it unfolds....

Yours in His Service,
Sedrico Husselman

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