Monday, October 18, 2010

Little Victories,.......

Zach from Calorado with Kids from Factreton Holiday Club.
Zach leaves us the end of November 2010.
He has lead well spiritual programs and have made deep impacts into the lives of children in Factreton...THE FISHMONGER...If you see him hide your fish....!

Little Victories!

Just a few steps it is all it takes to be GREAT! Whisper we need to hear God’s voice when He Whispers to us. The fact is I have been hearing this for some time now. The fact that it is in the little moments that big ones get formulated, whispers not the chocolates you eat when you have the time to sit in the cinema….

Orchestrating and trying to get people sing together and be together in one harmoniously together symphony is a bit of a challenge. BUT when people suddenly sing together you have the most STUNNING sound ever! You feel great and you want to take on the next challenge…BUT THE HERE the stuff that cripples you are the junk that want to keep you tied down. Am I speaking to someone?

The last couple of months back here at SU God asked me to start building. Systems that will work to generate positive image and sustainability. I have had the pleasure of seeing God’s hand in bringing people to me that are just fantastic people. I am at the point of asking God to assist me to put people into dynamic teams that will build the communication systems around all that needs to be said and promoted for this AWESOME organisation. It is true wherever I go I hear people saying POSITIVE stuff about SU. I realise every time how blessed I am to be in such a credible organisation with such a DEEP FOOTPRINT. So even more then I need to be diligent in my work that God has called me to do and just try and OPEN the channels to bring the hundreds of people back to the STORY OF JESUS.

The reason why SU have been so successful is that it stayed with the reason THE PURPOSE and at all cost every generation in the 85 years and more have fought to keep our values of introducing Jesus at the core of all our CAMPS, SCHOOLS WORK, LIFE SKILLS, HOLIDAY CLUBS, BIBLE READING…

So pray for me as I prepare to say good bye to my team of 2010. Ask God to send a team for 2011. Prepare to promote and be part of the planning for the camps this December and finally REST for a couple of days and I will be back at work on the 10th of January 2011. This is what I like about SU we are well planned…A servant who prepares well serves well!!!!

Little victories, little victories, little victories. Can you hear God. What are the little victories you can thank God for. I do not want to look for the big ones because together all the little victories makes a beautiful picture….

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