Thursday, May 16, 2013

With the pings still ringing on my phone with the whatsup Holiday Club group, almost a week after this mission, its clear that the buzz is still alive! Relationships formed and memories engraved, this experience I know will and have added valuable life lessons into the lives of the 30 strong team. Most of all the lives of the 86 plus kids and teens from this dusty little fishing community on the West Coast. The preparation of this club started last year October 2012 if my memory serves me right. St. Philip's Kenwyn raised sufficient finances for a group of us to go down in November 2012 to do a fact finding mission. We invited Christ Church Constantia and the relationship has been a winning combination! We met with Shelley Point Resort owner Norman Noland and John Lawrence one of the managers at the resort. We praise the Lord for favor. On Club we had the access to the Conference centre for morning devotions and early morning showers in the golfers bathrooms. Not to mention the free time session around the pool over looking the golf course. Where did the team sleep? On the beach at a caravan park in tents. Yes! Yes! Yes! We had a cooking tent one night where I almost burnt my jacket against a Lamp post makeshift light while passing burgers on bread with warm smoortjie burning my fingers. Oh the other supper night that stood out for me was the first one. No one could find there crockery and we did not have enough plates. Two people had to eat from one plate. Get a partner! Who you sharing with? Nice team building I tell you... The leaders who had preparation sessions with Jason and Alexus (directors) worked hard with decor sessions, music jam sessions and curriculum meetings with section leaders. They planned well and had all resources in place when they left for the mission. A quote a learned long ago, ' a servant who prepares well serves well' The highlight for me was Alex. This boy was the most difficult child last year on club. This year I was looking for him. He was quite. I asked him if something is wrong. He just nodded all is ok. One day I observed him in his group. He commanded the others in his group to make a circle and take note of what the leader was saying. There you go! That's what its all about. Investing in children and seeing remarkable change and that only a year later. The club ended for me with telling the parents why we having club. I started the theme song of last year and the kids sang one song after each other of last years club. Wow! I encouraged the leaders that this is what you doing. Sowing seeds that will reap a harvest! One night kids came walking down the beach in the middle of the night to see where the leaders were sleeping. That was All Pay Day and parents were lights out. The Thursday was also special as the leaders walked down the beach back to camp with all the kids following hours after the club was done. So did the kids and teens leave Holiday Club? Never. Stompies is kinda a 24 hour club...detachment is difficult and I saw tears and tears as leaders tried to say good bye...we don't say good bye, we say pray with us for the next step in this journey. Thank you to St. Philip's Kenwyn, Christ Church Constantia, Hawe van Hoop Ministries, Shelley Point Resort and all the SU leaders who made this an unforgettable experience. To you my friends and supporters I thank you for making it possible for me to deliver these kind of life changing projects. To God be the Glory and for the 60 kids who made commitments we pray for a long fruitful journey with Christ. Sedrico Husselman SU Western Cape Field Worker Youth and Children's Co-Ordinator: St. Philip's Kenwyn

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