Monday, March 11, 2013

Dear Friends and Supporters: These last view months have been one activity after the other. I do feel blessed that i am able to reach so many children and young people every week. I must say that i hae been challenged with the out cry of abuse towards women and girl children. You may know well that i have two little girls and i think this is also contributing to my heart being broken for kids in those situations. I prayed a lot and asked God to help me invest something of worth into the young peoples lives i am encountering especially during this time. I think i heard from the Lord. I call it the message of presence. We can give material blessings but it will just satisfy to a certain extent. Presence let people know that you with them. It assures people that you care and most importantly that you are listening. So as Christ is Immanual, God with us so we can take His presence with us through the power of the Holy Spirit. Sounds very Theological but practically it means being always aware of the moments God provide to bless a space with His love and care. While driving up Bainskloof on my second camp for the Warehouse with the cook and one of the girl leaders, we started praying. How awesome when God visits. We prayed for every child coming to camp and we had a sense that kids are going to come with heavy burdens. We heard from the Lord that the kids need to rest. We had a sense that we need to bond with them, hang with them and let them be young. The pain I saw in the children's eyes and the emotions which make their shouldres shrug spoke of young people under tremendous life pressures. I then heard again that I need to make Psalm 91 our text. We encouraged them that God loves them and that they can rest in Him. We encouraged them that if they run to Him He will protect them and send His angels to protect them. We had 6 commitments over the two camps. I thank God that I know that maybe a few more made a private commitment. All thanks to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Please pray for me and my Interns from St. Philip'S who work both in Factreton schools and a Hanover Park school with me. Pray for the next two camps 15-17 March and 22-24 March 2013 in Bainskloof. Then pray for the 28 Leaders I will be taking to Stompneus Baai on a mission to do a Holiday Club on the West Coast. This club is in partnership with St. Philip's Kenwyn and Christ Church Constantia. Pray for the Leadership camp I will be doing with Prefects from the Factreton schools 12-14 April 2013 and for God to provide R7000 for it. I am busy with five week ends back to back. I am going to take my girls with me on Stompneus baai Mission and see what camps I can take them with. My first role in life is that of a husband and father. We are praising God for moving us along with our house thing. We are doing the paperwork now and should move into our house in the first week of June 2013. So all Praise and Glory to God who provides. It has been Nine years and so we very grateful to the Lord. Thank you for your prayers and financial support, Much Appreciation, Sedrico and the girls ( Hazel, Sethe and Zacharie)

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