Monday, September 3, 2012

Camp Splash one: Windermere Primary

Rainy and wet and very cold: the first day of camp. Yet the excitement of the children was electrifying! In my mind i saw bags of wood, stokbrood, marshmellows and singing around the fire. That is exactly what happened. The children enjoyed themselves and bonding took place between leaders and campers. The amazing thing is we adults look at the weather factors but these kids just wanted to get out. Out they did get, into the cold. We walked around the campsite and listened to God's Creation after heavy rains pored down. Sounds of water flowing, a distressed bird, a baboon looking for shelter behind a rock and the sound of wind. All these things they would have missed if they were in their normal context. Camping provides youth with that experience of getting close to the God of Creation. The next day we had water sports and they ran through mud and puddles of water. They got soaking wet. They had so much fun and the leaders joined in. We freezed our selves for the enjoyement of the kids. Sacrificial Love I tell you. The major challenge for us was that these kids needed to learn the importance of a positive attitude. We pray that through our lives we made an impact to them to become real and authentic. The food was excellent and the meals was very creatively done, Please enjoy the pictures and know that we have 3 more to go...So let me know how you would like to partner with us... Sedrico

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