Monday, May 16, 2011

Leading young minds to find Christ!

What a wonderful experience! It started with me planning a Leadership Program with the three principals of Factreton, Wingfield and WD Hendricks primary schools last year December. We dreamed of a program where we can take the prefects of the schools on a training camp. The beginning of the year we sat down and sorted out the logistics. R350 was really too much for each child to bring in to have a three day long camp. Eina! I then called a meeting again with them and we came up with an alternative plan. This time to do a Day camp. We broke down the cost per learner and came up with R80 per child for transport, food and facilitation fee. We added another Five Rand and we then put another day in at the local swimming pool. Hey I then spoke to my colleague at work we does the leadership training and we then put a third day together as an introduction to the two days to come...Man! the Factreton Leadership Project as birthed. My team and I then worked with planning the logistics of food, the bus and the booking of the swimming pool getting letters from every schools to give us permission and a letter of support from the education department. Boom! we were on our way! So I thought!!!!

I got a official letter from one of the schools saying that even the R80 was too steep! Imagine the shock.....I then immediately like putting a car into its gear wrote an appeal email letter to all of my friends in my inbox. I also sent a email to the News Editor of Community Newspapers. And it was published. Calls, Emails visits by people to the office Blew me away!!! I also received a letter from a lady who gave her life to the Lord like 50 years ago on a SU camp! I had a group of educare kids come and bless us with a R100. People came in with cheques and so we where funded so much that we had over enough food and could also sponsor the office to hang pictures in the building! Amazing to say the least.

I thank God that everytime I do what He want me to do He provides. I must just do what he want me to do and He will take care of the rest!

Please enjoy a couple of pics....and If you are sponsoring me please I thank you for your support, do speak to your friends or send this link to them. I am looking at increasing my financial support as some of my support has dwindled. If you want to increase your contribution or would like to start please contact my Personal Support Co-Ordinator Tony Nzanza 021-6868595 or

Much Blessings,
Sedrico Husselman.

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