Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Harvest is plentiful!

Pictures description:
R100 kidz
John Wycliff Christian School Camp
My two little girls...From Heaven!

God of the Harvest please send in the labourers!

Wow I am amazed at the amount of work that is to be done in the Kingdom of God!Phone calls, emails and calls to meetings all about how can you assit in preaching God's Word to children and Youth. Praise God! The harvest fields are white unto harvest BUT BUT BUT the labourers are few. We need to pray that God send in young Christian people who can put shoulder to the wheel and plow into this Kingdom of eternal life.

A Leadership Program I am running is running me into the depth of my soul! God is showing up in ways that is blowing my mind! Just a few hours ago a teacher with her pre school class came in to donate a R100 to the project. see picture below! Then a few hours later a gentlemen walks in and gives us a bank bag filled with money enough for 20 kids. I had emails of friends from as far as England and Singapore depositing money into this project.

Then I had a wonderful time with volunteers running a camp for 66 learners from John Wycliff Christian School. We planned well and had a well balanced program for Grade 1-7's We went old school with sip and slide on dishwashing liquid, carrying water on our heads and playing kennetjie and making it with brromsticks and planks!
See pics attached!

I thank God for my two little girls. They are gifts from God. Totally awesome children who give me a lot to live for. I pray a lot for them and ask God to prepare them to be the best that He wants them to be. I learn a lot from them. The other day Sethe the eldest asked me: Daddy is God in the ground? Why did Jesus have to die on the cross? I tried to explain and I realise the work that I have been doing with kids from the age of 16 prepared me well to respond to my OWN child! She then kept Silent and then.........said Daddy you know what everything I know about God I learn from you.....Enuff Said....I was in tears!

Pray for me and my family as we reach people with the love of Christ.

If you want to continue to sponsor me and want to increase your donation email me or call my Support Co-Ordinator Tony Nzanzah 021-686 8595 or email him

Peace Love and God's Annointing on your life,

Sedrico, Hazel, Sethe, Zacharie

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