Friday, August 6, 2010

Walking in faith and just being a crazy guy!

Walking in faith and just being a crazy guy!

Ok I am, sitting here at Mugg and Bean in Century City. I was going to have a meeting with a graphic designer who is a very good candidate for the SUWC Marketing team. He dropped me! Although I came without a clear plan to financially sponsor this. I had faith. Came with nothing to offer but Jesus! So I think God is funny! He make you do things you have no clue on how it is going to work out.

On top of it I am meeting with Randy and Cleo from my church. We are planning a Childrens and teens ministry for our church. NO MONEY! I have a R100 in my pocket I got for petrol money from Hazy this morning. Ordered a cup of coffee, must pay the parking and then throw in some petrol. I must be MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Crazy is the better word.

But yet I move in complete FAITH. The confident assurance that something is going to happen although I cannot see it. I am working on restructuring the database management system at SUWC and the DEVIL yes he is trying by all means to disrupt the plan. Then with this system comes a domain and the great thing is that we will have a interlink system that will post mail, email, sms and drive people to financially contribute to the work of SUWC! Man I am getting fire arrows. I should LOVE it I am telling myself as I am writing this! When you build you will have opposition! Nehemiah had it with that two guys. They were mocking and laughing and saying that the mere little winds around Jerusalem will blow it over. MY GOD IS ABLE TO DO EXCEEDINGLY ABUNDANTLY FOR WHATSOEVER I ASK IN HIS NAME!

Watch this space as God propels me into building a solid structure. One that will stand long after I am gone!

That’s It for now,

Sedrico Husselman.

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