Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Feedback from Mr. Chilly: Jou Ma Se

I know a guy who makes good chilly products. He is my friend on Facebook:Here is some links and ideas he shared with me...

Brian Tewater November 18 at 2:09pm

Why have you not got a link to your blog from your facebook page?
Have fun
FunkyMunky...South African Recipe and Travel site
Come join me on my South African holidays and try out Traditional South African Recipes

Sedrico Husselman November 18 at 8:53pm
Yor man thanx 4 the message. How do u do the link? Do u have any of ur own recipies 2 share with me? I got some water sliced carots sliced green pepers garlic paarmasan spices in a pot and man it was good. I dont know what to call it. U want to help?
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Brian Tewater November 18 at 9:02pm
Rico, you would have to tell me more about your ingredients. I have some super old recipe books (from my grandmother) that have some interesting recipes in them - can't believe how they used to cook in the old days.As I wade through them, I shall share some of them with you. Not sure about the link, the easy way is just to post the link on your status bar, but I am sure that youcan also place it on your wall onthe left hand side - will investigate.
B Sedrico Husselman November 18 at 11:16pm
Do you have a Bean chilly one. Come on mister chilly....Jou Ma Se.....Post it on my blog....I challenge you....


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