Wednesday, May 16, 2012

We are a Christian Organisation?

Last week I facilitated a camp for a high school. I took one volunteer along and covered life skills content. The prayer meeting at SU prayed for us as we prepared to go do this mission and the request read as follow: 9-11 May- Sedrico Husselman is running the Sea Point High School Girls and Boys leadership camp. Pray that teens are open to God's way of leadership and that God becomes the main influence in their lives. Amen to that! This is exactly what happenned. I felt that we were making way in a friendly and non threatening way through the sessions sharing values and leadership skills and at the same time shedding light from God's Word. The youth started openning up and really shared with us the real issues hapenning in their lives. God answered prayer... The camp ended with a deep session and it was felt that proper support structures was not in place to handle the issues the kids are dealing with. Then also it was felt that we were too Christian in our approach and used the word God and Jesus to often. I was then challenged to stand for what I believe I am doing and being true to what I am actually called to do. Scripture Union is a faith based organisation and I think we should stand firm in what we believe and teach irrespective. I shared this with the teacher ad felt that I did what I am commissioned to do but felt if we had proper briefing I might not have done the camp. All of that said teens went away with questions they still need to get answers to and hopefully lessons they can take with them as they continue into the future. Continue to pray with me as I build this relationship with the school and i think for us as Scripture Union to stay true to our call and be open to what we believe and teach, period.

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