Thursday, January 26, 2012

2012: Let's see for ourselves...

Photo's of my little girls 2nd Birthday and me trust falling on Created for Life...

This year started for me in a very relaxed way. I participated in a camp co-ordinated by A Rocha. The theme of the camp was “Created for Life”. We explored the outdoor world in the Bain’s Kloof region while asking some serious questions about God and creation. During the few days away I could be silent and pray and ask God to lead me in 2012. I appreciated the walks and during the solo time on the last day I sat exactly at the place where I received confirmation from the Lord of His calling on my life 14 years ago. This time I needed a word from the Lord to sustain me as I journey on in the ministry to which He has called me. Remain in this space by His Grace. That's it. God alone will lead me and I don't need to be afraid or concerned.

This year will be the third year I will be doing ministry in Factreton and Kensington. My team and I met with the school Principals at the end of last year and they are so exited for us to continue. We are meeting again this week to consolidate our program of life skills, assemblies, Christian Groups and Camping for the area. Please pray for Jeremy and Karen as they will be taking the lead for SU work in this area. They will be building a team of volunteers around them to assist them in delivering excellent activities.

Well, this means I can move on and plant new work. I have been in communication with two churches in the Ryterwacht area. The idea is to connect with their children's and youth work and also to see who in their teams would be available to assist us working in the two primary schools in the area: De Waverin and Valhalla Primary. We would like to establish the same model in this area as in Factreton/Kensington. Please pray for Enrique and myself as we venture out to build this work.

On the family front we are going along smoothly. Zacharie Alexa, my youngest, has just celebrated her 2nd birthday on the 8th of January 2012. I thank God for His provision and keeping her safe. Sethe Zion has started grade R and is already excited to finish this grade because she wants to go to BIG School. Please pray with us for this. I have submitted an application form to Rosebank Junior down the road from the SU Office. Hazel is doing fine. She works too much for my liking, chasing stories week after week to put in the newspaper she is responsible for. Sometimes I think she rests too little.

Upcoming Events:
* 2nd February 2012: Youth program at the Calvinist church in Lansdown promoting SU Ministry.
* 3-5 February 2012: I'm leading a Confirmation Camp for my church, St. Philips, at Pelikan Lodge.
* 4th February 2012: Jeremy and Enrique will be representing us doing a Day Program for Confirmation students at St. Augustine’s Anglican Church in Lotus River.
* 13-17 February 2012: Life skills training at SU House for people who would like to be trained in using our life skills material.
* 29- 2nd March 2012: Jeremy and a team of 8 will be doing an annual school camp for John Wycliff Christian School at the Rotary Campsites in Glen Cairn.
* 29-2 March 2012 our staff will be going to Betty's Bay to retreat and seek the Lord for direction for 2012 and beyond.

Yes! The harvest is plentiful and the workers are getting fewer. Our resources are also getting fewer. Yet the work load and burden to reach many remains. Thank you for the role that you play in financially supporting all of this, myself, and the team of people who work with me. We value your prayers as we continue to do what God has called us to do.

Much love and respect,
Sedrico, Hazel, Sethe and Zacharie...

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