Friday, December 3, 2010

The World of South Africa's Youth

Hi Sedrico,

Oran Cohen commented on your post.

Oran wrote: "Here it is, brother. Thanks for asking me :): We live in intriguing times where meaning is made by the stories we tell. South Africa can be told in many different ways. The story that I’d like to tell is that we, as young people, have an opportunity to carve an ancient future. One that is grounded in the wisdom of Africa’s ancientness, deep spirituality and insight, yet must now be pioneered with New Eyes, New Hands and a Courageous Heart. My sense is that you can’t be a leader anymore by following the leader, by reading instructions in a manual or following the old ways of living, loving and earning. Instead, you have to find the spaces between what the old rules were and the new rules that are unfolding and start to carve and express your own Genius, your own Magic into every endeavor and initiative you find yourself in. This is the way I believe, we as young people, are daring to dream a bigger dream and paint a bigger life."

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