Monday, November 15, 2010


It was such a joy to have worked with you guys making this campaign possible. From the start on a rainy Saturday morning Cindy and Byron was called into a brainstorming session which resulted in a few thousand flyers, posters, almost A2 street pole posters, badges, banner and flags oh do not forget the stickers. The whole campaign was around two events 1. Pastors Meeting in Langa with folders and nice covers with corporate identity letters and invitations. Even the powerpoint we did was marked with FMP Logo and power point slide designed. All fabulous I think. 2. Then before that we visited a few schools in Langa and gave flyers and a drama to the kids with the help of Parker’s team. We had vetkoek and slap chips on the run. Mmmm what a meal on a empty stomach!

*The highlight of this campaign was the taxi rank activation where we woke up 3am the morning to go make coffee for people in Langa going to work. IS IT FOR FREE? Unbelievable that someone would get up early on a cold and raining morning to give them a free cup of coffee! On the Styrofoam cups we had stickers with the date corrected by pen cause of change of date. We gave them a flyer and Parker, Mr. Kosi, SU Trendsetters and a FMP Facilitator came to speak to people about the program.

Again I was hungry and bought what I call the Taxi Rank Breakfast for all of us. A warm Russian and a thick slice of baked bread! Man was that nice. I did not have coffee…No time to indulge in the luxury we were providing to the masses!

What a campaign! People got to hear about our Families Matter Program on street corners, class rooms, tourist centre at Gugu S’Thebe. Above all people got to hear about Jesus through our interactions. I hope that when we said nothing they could sense the love of Jesus.

Thank you all for your support. As we craft new campaigns in Scripture Union Western Cape for our Camps, Life Skills Classes, Bible Reading Engagement Programs and Holiday Clubs we hope to build this relationship with you stronger.

To God be the Glory!

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