Monday, July 12, 2010

Increase the tribulations...Lord!

Great things happen to people who go through great tribulations, I think. So this last couple of months have been such a season. God has done amazing things through the different projects I have been involved with and yet my personal things are getting heavier. I mean you prepare for sermons the whole month you preach every Sunday. The whole time my daughters get sick both land up in hospital and I get driven to intense moments of prayer. I guess I got roped in by God to spend more time praying than worrying about them. Thank God for Medical Aid and for Sethe actually spending two nights alone in the hospital. Such a big 4 year old girl! I look at her and I feel blest. This child I know God has an amazing plan with. Cause everytime I need to preach she get under attack. I asked God what is the matter and why this pattern. Sethe's second name is Zion which also mean Jerusalem. No wonder! She is not just appointed but also her name refer to the place we move from and the new place we striving towards. Isaiah 65 speaks about the New Heaven and the New Earth...Awesome stuff and then I went preaching on this in our church. Jerusalem! What an amazing time preparing the sermon and delivering it to a people so ready to receive God's Word! I thank God for my Pastor and Church Board for granting me this marvelous opportunity.

Holiday Clubs rocked! Man I mean the leaders stole my heart. Looking at many of them at the training weekends I thought...How on earth can these guys make this happen! God show up in weird ways and excellent things follow. People got saved I mean by the tens and maybe hundreds! I saw children lift up their hands and praying for Jesus to come into their haerts. I saw young people crying tears of regret and experiencing the lovingkindness of God flow all over them. Children being fed with good wholesome food and sitting in complete contentment. Ladies cooking food all the time. Standing behind pots and pans washing dishes and speaking to each other about their time on Holiday Clubs and how children need this kind of ministry. God was just on fire! If you let Him do His thing and you just be the instrument He is sure to change and transform. From Manenberg to Delft to Sea Point to Houtbay to standing in the rain with R70 in my pocket thinking how am I going to feed 100 children to God taking me into Woolworths to me and my wife making a pot of soup and Cabbage food till late in the night. I thank God that no matter what you do for Him nothing is ever wasted!

I heard from a lady who directed our club in Sea Point how her boyfriend was so touched by my talk. I left that place thinking what a mess I made. Not a good enough talk. Man! I was blown out of my socks! It was that talk that cemented someone to go into full time ministry. I was so amazed at the hand of God and not the Maradona one....

Ok I can write a lot on this season, but for last... I have been praying a lot for my Pastors son. He then did Holiday Club with us in Factreton. His ministry was born and now He is searching God for direction. He is truly annointed and I know God will be taking him places. It is hard for a Pastors son to choose to go into ministry. He has seen it all: the struggles, politics, money issues and the list go on and much more difficult for a father who has been in the ministry for close to 30 years to release his son. My Pastor did a special prayer for all the ones who accepted the call and also parayed for his son. What a awesome experience! I think that I am still very much young as a father and I pray that every step of the journey that I just listen to God. I need to get stronger with my family stuff and I trust God to take me deeper in the walk of Holiness. Please enjoy the pictures of the many clubs I have been involved in.

Before I go, If you want to sponsor me to do this all the can email me any donation is worth a lot. God bless you as you pray for me and I will pray that God strengthen you.

Sedrico Husselman

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