Friday, March 19, 2010

He shall not make your foot to stumble

Old me trying to get off the steps to go to the river, Shoe!

I am writing this in the dining room here at Coaton Cottage in the mountains in Bainskloof in Willington. This is the end of the second day of the Scripture Union Retreat. Today we hiked down to the river and I quickly realised that I am not as young as I used to be. We walked over many many rocks to reach a rock pool in the river. It was very challenging for me and my feet ached, as I had to go barefoot in fear of falling with my slippery sandals. What made it worse is that it rained when we came back. The rocks got wet and slippery. I watched the young people jumping over the rocks and here I was basically crawling on my hands and feet over the rocks. The words : He shall not make your feet to stumble came to me. The sounds of nature was so stunning in my ears as I heard the thunder announcing the rain, the rain drops falling in the pools of water and the majestic mountain peaks above my head. Man! I was in wonder and the aching feet could not deter the splendour of our King!

Going into full time ministry at such a time in my family’s development was so not on time for me. I never imagined this! Today as I walked in this place where God confirmed my calling in 1998, 12 years ago to the day, I was searching for another word from God for the next season. David walked over rocks and valleys and searched God I thought as I was climbing and reaching for breath as I was walking. I received peace on the fact that God will not make my feet to stumble in all the responsibilities He has trusted me with. I will have to maybe swerve and stop for breath and reach for another rock not so far in front of me or one a little further BUT my feet will remain having the grip and strength to withstand the toughest weather conditions. God is with me and He will not leave and not forsake me.

I am learning again to be here at Scripture Union who has a mission to lead children and young people to God through Bible reading and innovative ways of sharing the Christian Faith. Through Holiday Clubs the organisation works to reach kids during June/July holidays every year in various communities across our country. This year I want to start in my church and I have a vision of reaching 500 children through this form of ministry for a week in this holiday season. The aim would also be to get youth to be leaders and through the experience would be inspired to start one in their own church. We will be having five weeks of holidays during this time because of the Soccer World Cup. We need workers! The harvests are plentiful but the workers are few. Camping is a vital point of ministry for SU. We have camps every holidays and this March/April 2010 is no exception. Five camps will be run and leaders leaders leaders are needed! The major prayer request is that God will send the right leaders to these camps that can make a meaningful impact into the lives of these children and young people. Two youth camps, two Froggy camps for underprivileged children and one mini camp for junior children.

Yep! I am back and it feels good to be in my groove again! Please pray with me as I venture into God’s field and search for the rough diamonds. I need R4000 a month still for my personal support. Thus far the Lord has blessed me with good friends who have been in the ministry with me and who now is ploughing back into my life. I am honoured! If you would like to sponsor R50 or anything you can call me 0820718598 or email me: (Until I get my SU Email) or facebook me, I put a lot of pictures on there! Pray for my three females: Hazel my queen, Sethe my princess and Zacharie my little tiny princess. This is my kingdom and I pray that God the ruler will make all things possible!

Much Respect,
Sedrico Husselman.

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