Monday, December 7, 2009

Kalkbay Bubbles and Bread

Yoh Yoh! Yesterday I just remembered a time my mom took us to the beach during the December holidays. She did not have much but made sure that we had a good time come summer! We would wake up early on say a Saturday morning and then with our bathers or just onderbroekies would jump on the train and change at Salt River and take the Suburban Train all the way to Kalkbay Beach. Under those tunnels a throng of families would gather. Some had nice colorful umbrella's and picnic blankets picnic baskets with paper plates, ice cold cooldrinks in their cooler boxes and oh that brown bottles...People would have kentucky or braaied chicken brought from home.

We would swim in the harbour and see how close we could get to the boats in anchor. It was just so much fun! When it came to lunch time my mom would take our two packets from Shoprite. I can still remember those bright yellow packets shining in the sunlight. Out of it would come a big packet of Bubbles. Still to today the green packet is my favourate. My mom would take the loaf of bread and share it amongst us. We would put the Bubbles on the bread and chew for our lives! Sometimes you would taste some sea sand with it. But this was far better than sitting at home and be hot and bothered. To wash it off we would each take a huge sip from the 2litre frulati. We would then lie in the hot sand and then jump into the water again.

At about half pass five we would all run to the train station to make the train. I enjoyed gazing out of the train window and enjoyed looking at families on the beaches but most of all! I enjoyed seeing the the huge smile on my mother's face because she managed to take her children to the beach!

Do you have any beach stories or beach food stories?

Sedrico Husselman

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