Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cape Town, World Draw today!

Heita people of Mzanzi...We have been spoiled with an influx of people streaming their way to our Mother City. Yes! It is official yet again that Cape Town is just the most glorious City in South Africa. Now think: Mmmm Why oh why would the world want to go to a Mine Dump for the finals of the World Cup? I am telling you...As soon as the games are over we will have people streaming in from all over the world to our streets and beaches.

Yesterday I walked down St.Georges Mall and got a seat on a bench and did one of my favourate passtimes: Watching people. I was so entertained by the new sounds of the Mall, I heard a guy on the public phone speak load in French or Spanish, A Barcelona supporter journalist maybe from Africa with his European girlfriend.

I thought about this blog. I saw people eating slap chips and massalla steak sandwitchers and so on. So I am wanting to know if you only have a R100 and you on a people watching mission: What would you buy while the throngs of people entertain you with their fashion, smiles, frowns and so on...

Sedrico Husselman

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