Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wat Zille will gee...

My respect to Helen Zille for showing the ANC that you can be creative and use money wisely...Can all Capetonians ans South Africans please wake up and put our votes behind people like this who actually does things right:

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Zille cans Women's Month events, offers bursaries instead

All Women's Month events planned by the department of the premier in the Western Cape have been cancelled, Premier Helen Zille announced on Thursday. She said the funds - amounting to R320,000 - would instead be used for bursaries for girl primary school pupils.

"When our new government came to office, we found plans and budgets for two big jamboree and talk-shop events that would have cost hundreds of thousands of rands," she said in a statement.

One of these events was to be held in an upmarket city centre hotel.

"We decided that it would serve gender empowerment better by cancelling these events, and allocating the money to four bursaries," said Zille.

As a result, R320,000 would be divided into four bursaries of R80,000 each, to pay for the schooling of girl pupils from financially disadvantaged families who were achieving good results.

The pupils would be selected from across the province.

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