Friday, November 27, 2009

Egg Smoortjie, Scrambled Egg Cape Flats style!

Ja People of Mzanzi! I have received some good feedback from people visiting my blog. This food thing is really drawing people together. No wonder Jesus used food to symbolise who He is and what he came to do in the world. Let's think of the 5 loaves of bread and the two fish.

Yesterday I had a lady write to me about amierock like your peanut brittle and pocorn we use to buy from a neighbor in a cone like folded newspaper holder/ WOW! What wonderful time and memories!

Today I share my own version of Eier Smoortjie:

I took some greenpeper cut it in slices. Add it to a warm pan with some fishoil in it. Then I took ready made Garlic my favourate food thing in the world! The I added some salt and pepper. Then I sliced a tomatoe into the pan with two slices of pressed beef. I then added some sugar. You know if you use tomatoe add sugar. Then I added two eggs over it. Waited for it to simmer in and then used a fork to scramble it in further. I then prepared two sliced of toast and added by SMOORTJIE over it.

My own to you,

Sedrico Husselman

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