Sunday, November 8, 2009


Who governs who?

Policy issues are being speculated as the major dragon with three tentacles. ANC on the one hand holding the past 15 years of rule and macro and micro economic policies which took some to BEE Billionaires and some to RDP houses with electricity and water. The other two hands have the SACP as an outsider almost further removed from the workings and our alarm sounding CASATU blasting out a noise that sound right in the ears of the working class.

Duarte says the ANC has no intention of departing from the agreement with the Alliance. “We have no intention of breaking with the Alliance, in fact it's stronger that it ever been before. It is a strong alliance in the sense that we feel free to disagree with each other on issues where in our own constituencies there might be concern.” (

Concern we do have. We see certain positions given to some to ease the pain. Or is it a,"behoedmiddel", Prevention to keep the forces at bay? Talks of SACP going on its own have shaken up the ANC before and they know it will be a threat to them.

Will the ANC outlive and come up with a creative way to keep the forces at the door?

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